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The Jew-hatred Behind the World's Problems

Melanie Sturm | @ThinkAgainUSA Read Comments - 21
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Thu, 02/26/2015


There’s an old political saying that if your opponent is committing suicide, get out of the way. Yet Professor Sean Elias requires a response, so hateful was his odious retort in the Aspen Times to my column, ”Why coexist with a mortal Iranian threat?


Evidence that society’s oldest prejudice endures after a post-Nazi dormancy, Elias’s letter-to-the-editor reflects the bigotry that’s inciting lethal anti-Jewishness in Europe, and existential threats to Israel, the only nation-state of the Jewish people and the sole democracy in the Mideast’s radicalized swamp.


No other nation is surrounded by as much hostility or is targeted for destruction by governmental and terrorist groups. Yet Vermont-sized Israel, nine miles wide at its narrowest point, suffers unreasonable scrutiny, despite comprising only 0.3 percent of the region’s territory and 1.6 percent of its population. 


Peddling prejudices as obvious truths, Elias employs familiar stereotypes to convince you to Think Again about Jews, Israel and its leaders, hoping to incite hatred for a people who’ve suffered 2,500 years of unrelenting oppression while inspiring more free and decent societies.


Before the Jews, the pagan world resembled today’s Islamic State, devoid of freedom and dignity. It was “the Jews,” American founder John Adams noted, who “contributed more to civilized man than any other nation. They have given religion to three-quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of mankind more than any other nation, ancient or modern.”


Unfortunately, “things change, anti-Semitism remains,” observed Auschwitz-survivor and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel. Because words have power, he insists, “we can bring hope, or despair -- it’s always in our hands.”


Elias chooses despair, scolding “Jewish fanatics;” “Jewish misbehavior;” “Jewish jingoism;” a rhetorically “handicapped rabbi;” “radicalized Jews who would have the US sacrifice its citizens to defend an Israeli state;” and “Judeocentrism” at the Aspen Times, invoking the classic canard, Jewish control of the media.


Calling my column a “fanatical Zionist propagandist piece,” Elias argues, “Extremist Jews like Sturm will welcome the blood-tainted, saber-rattling, opportunistic prime minister of Israel…. Benjamin Netanyahu (who’ll)…soon slither into the halls of Congress.”


The professor represents a growing anti-Jew movement -- thriving on campuses and in international organizations – aimed at delegitimizing and ultimately denying Jewish self-determination in the Jews’ ancestral homeland. Activists don’t care about depriving the world of Israeli innovations -- medical, technological, renewable-energy, water-conservation -- only destroying Israel.


Though Israel’s Arab citizens – one-fifth of its population – are freer than all citizens living in 22 Arab nations, and despite the country’s free press, independent judiciary and regular elections, anti-Jewish activists brand Israel a “racist, apartheid state,” an insult to those who’ve suffered real apartheid.


Last week, Stanford’s student government joined a growing list of organizations favoring divestment from Israel, citing “human rights abuses.” In a world of human rights violators, Israel is demonized as a pariah – not China, North Korea, or Iran.


Since Israel is a liberal, free, immigrant-friendly, multiethnic oasis in a cesspool of political, religious and sexual persecution, what else besides Jew-hatred explains the doubled standard applied to the world’s only sovereign Jewish community, and it’s singling out for isolation and strangulation?


Reflecting on his five-years as an AP reporter in Israel, Matti Friedman blasted the media’s “groupthink,” arguing it has “moved away from careful explanation and toward a kind of political character assassination on behalf of the side it identified as being right.”


New “settlement” houses are newsworthy, not new rockets smuggled into Gaza or Hamas’s placement of military installations near schools and hospitals. Deaths and injuries from Israel's defensive military operations are stories, not Hamas's war crimes, generating civilian casualties on both sides.


When journalists “portray the Jews of Israel as the party obviously in the wrong, when they omit all possible justifications for the Jews’ actions and obscure the true face of their enemies, what they are saying to their readers…. is that Jews are the worst people on earth,” Friedman concluded.


Should anti-Israel activists succeed, Friedman believes democracy and modernity will be replaced by ruthless extremism, as in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, “ending the only safe progressive space in the Middle East, the only secure minority refuge in the Middle East, and the only Jewish country on Earth.”


On the frontlines of the battle to preserve freedom, Israel is the canary struggling to survive the noxious coalmine, not the cause of the deadly fumes. Hatred that targets Jews never ends with Jews. Eventually it reaches Christians, women, gays, and liberals, as evident throughout the Mideast today.


This will be Netanyahu’s message to Congress. Representing a people whose contributions include the ethical tenets underpinning civilization -- equality before the law, sanctity of life, freedom, social responsibility, peace as a commandment -- his goal is to join with America, history’s greatest champion of these values, to preserve them.


Think Again – As Wiesel urges, by bringing hope, not despair, to public discourse, we can help the forces of tolerance, freedom and peace repair the world.



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I read the "professor's"

I read the "professor's" rant, and must say its been some time since I've seen such bigotry disguised with such multisyllabic nonsense. Dr. Goebbels has a friend in this fellow.

As an Air Force kid, I grew up around Jewish kids; I never realized "Goldberg" was a Jewish name until I was twenty. The rise of anti-Semitism among the left in the US, and in the public in Europe astonish and alarm me. It also alarmed and astonished me to realize the left in America were siding with those who seek to destroy us...and who would destroy liberal individuals.

What are they thinking?

The odious letter from the

The odious letter from the “professor” was particularly troubling. Can’t help but wonder what he is a professor of and what he professes to his students. Being a student of history and particularly military history, it is indeed truly frightening to watch the growing anti-Semitic movement which is so analogous to the 30’s. I just finished a book titled The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Although I did not like the ending, the author did a masterful job of creating the feeling of what it must have been like to live during the tumultuous time in the 30’s and of being in a concentration camp.

Really good reply column you just posted. I’m sure it is difficult and tiring sometimes to constantly endure the personal attacks, but you are doing noble work… please keep it up.

I especially would like to see a column on why Obama and the administration refuses to call the terrorists radical Islamists or Islamic jihadists or whatever. I mean a real digging into why. On the surface, it’s really silly, but underneath there is a deep seated reason that I surmise is rather ominous.

Amen to that column!

Amen to that column!

Hitler's call for the Aryan Race was a rejection of modernity, and sadly the maniacal regression he proselytized still has a deep attraction to weak minds.

The President's obfuscatory efforts to deny Islamic Terrorism existence aren't accidental. Rather, the cant he practices is the deeply held narrative that's labeled "Progressive Sharia". The media is his megaphone for this clarion and paradoxical call for retreat into the recesses of their mythic inculcations.

Like an Islamic clergy the adherents are subject to the superstitions held by the Progressive clerisy. Progressively we see that words are losing their meanings as we're supposed to be thankful when required to bow and smooch their bloody bums; thereby submitting our understanding for the rational truth that "modern humankind" is the most virtuous of its incarnations as opposed to their aggrieved heritance storytelling.

When married to a radical Left wing economic agenda, all bastions of credit will be relentlessly attacked. Merit no longer bestows wealth, meaning or status. Only strict adherence to the Progressive shibboleths is required. That, and that alone, buys membership to their elite classes. The meanings of their "progressive regulations" will be forever subjected to a grievous cycle of shifting nuance. These new-age Jacobins will smirk as saturnalian, kristallnachtian minions destroy entire peoples.

My hope is that their tornadic witch hunts inflict mortal blow-backs to their pernicious cants and bad actors. You will see an ever increasing outing and shaming of the apostates within their ranks. Their Jacobin tendencies mean more "Nights of Long Knives" be not too far behind. What will rise from the ashes of their burnt over districts? That's a hard one to answer.

The state is the object of their religiosity. Any other tradition be damned. As usual Jews are asked to go away first.

Great piece! The whole

Great piece! The whole situation is impossible for me to understand. The genesis of the action by Stanford is alarming and mystifying. It is as if a targeted insanity is taking over the world.
Thanks for all you do!

Oh please. If it weren’t for

Oh please. If it weren’t for the Jews who brazenly occupy almost a percent of the Middle East, including countries those Christ-Killers once had the audacity to settle, inhabit, and develop, the peace-loving democratic followers of Mohammed could do away with their existential fight for survival under the crushing regimes of vicious lands like Dearborn, tel Aviv, and London, and could return to their unceasing focus on social justice, love of children (strictly platonic,) strife for invention and development in the fields of medicine, science, technology and art, and of course womyn’s reproductive rights. I for one will say: Praise Allah and may those dastardly Jews go back to the 22nd Century where they would want to take us!


I am an American and I do

I am an American and I do strand with Israel. Obama and his people are treasonous...Obama was/is rude to the Israeli Prim Minster but can't stand being upstaged by our Congress. What a total treasonous disaster.

Oh, the Protestants hate the

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics
And the Catholics hate the Protestants
And the Hindus hate the Moslems
And everybody hates the Jews

-Tom Lehrer, National Brotherhood Week

I think it is really

I think it is really important for the Judeo-Christian community to agree that there are way too many who want the whole Judeo-Christian culture to die out. They want the State of Israel and the Christian communities in the Mid-East to no longer exist. In some towns where Christians lived for over 2,000 years, now there are none. In Nigeria, the Bishop there begs for help, and no one hears him.

Somehow or other I believe that the globalists would be perfectly happy if our religious cultures would disappear because it´s much easier to turn people into sheep who don´t believe in God.

Thank you, Melanie. Well

Thank you, Melanie. Well written, as always.

Please keep speaking up on this subject — there can't be enough voices on this subject. Personally, I'm looking forward to the prime minister's visit. His is a message more Americans and the rest of the world need to hear right now!

Fantastic piece Melanie!

Fantastic piece Melanie!

Fact and decency-filled. Sharing everywhere. The ever-increasing plague of hate and vitriol is further evidence ( to me ) that GOD is large and in charge. GOD SAVE ISRAEL!

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